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 Session Numbers
1 Formal Verification and Techniques
1T Formal Verification in the Real World
2 Functional Coverage and IP-XACT
2T Advancing the SystemC Ecosystem
3 AMS Verification, Power Verification, Debugging
3T An Introduction to the Accellera Portable Stimulus Standard
4 Firmware Verification, Software Design Techniques in Verification, High Level Synthesis
4T Generation of (at least) UVM Register Models from IP-Xact Using Model Driven SW Techniques
5 System Level Design - SystemC
5T Virtual Prototypes and Platforms - A Primer
6T UVM-SystemC: Migrating Complex Verification Environments
7 Functional Safety
7T ESL Design and Modeling with SystemC AMS (IEEE 1666.1) for Mixed-Signal IoT and Automotive Applications
8 Architecture Exploration, VP, Specification Automation
8T Automatic Firmware Design for Application-Specific Electronic Systems: Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions
9 5G Special Interest Session
9T Next Generation ISO 26262-based Design Reliability Flows
10T TLM Modeling and Simulation for NAND Flash and Solid State Drive Systems
11T Using Cadence and MathWorks Tools Together for Mixed-Signal Design and Verification
12T Software Driven Test of FPGA Prototype
13T Making Cars Safer - One Chip at a Time
14T Leveraging Virtual Prototypes from Concept to Silicon: An Exploration of Best Practices
15T Testbench Automation : How to Create a Complex Testbench in a Couple of Hours
16T Boosting Debug Productivity – Practical Applications of Debug Innovations in a UVM World
20 Consumer MEMS Products: Quality Rather than Commodity
21 Driving Virtual Prototyping of Automotive Electronics
30 The Best Tools for Driving Safety and Security in Automotive Applications
31 Intelligent Automation: How to Decide What to and What not to Automate?