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 Session Numbers
1T Tutorial 1 - Case Study of Verification Planning to Coverage Closure @Block, Subsystem and System-on-Chip Level
2 SystemC
2T Tutorial 2 - UVM Audit: Assessing UVM Testbenches to Expose Coding Errors and Improve Quality
3T Tutorial 3 - Efficient use of Virtual Prototypes in Hardware/Software Development and Verification
4 New Horizons in Functional Verification
4T Tutorial 4 - Machine Learning Introduction and Exemplary Application in Embedded Wireless Platforms
5 Virtual Prototyping
5T Tutorial 5 - Accellera Portable Test and Stimulus: The Next Level of Verification Productivity is Here
6 Generating Stimulus
6T Tutorial 6 - UVM Mixed Signal Extensions – Sharing Best Practice and Standardization Ideas
7T Tutorial 7 - Tutorial on RISC-V Design and Verification
8 Low Power Design and Verification
8T Tutorial 8 - Firmware Firmly under Control: New Optimization and Verification Techniques for Application Specific Electronic Systems
9 Virtual Platforms and Visualization
9T Tutorial 9 - Developing and Testing Automotive Software on Multi-SoC ECU Architectures using Virtual Prototyping
10 Functional Safety
10T Tutorial 10 - Accelerating the Path from Idea to Silicon for Computer Vision and Deep Learning in Automotive ICs
11 Advanced Verification Techniques
11T Tutorial 11 - Making ISO26262 Functional Safety Verification a Natural Extension of Functional Verification
12 AMS Verification
12T Tutorial 12 - Requirements Driven Design Verification Flow
13T Tutorial 13 - Functional Safety Verification for ISO 26262-Compliant Automotive Designs - What’s New and What’s Needed
14T Tutorial 14 - Hardware and Software Co-verification in Hybrid HDL Simulation and Emulation Environment with QEMU
15T Tutorial 15 - Unifying Mixed-Signal and Low-Power Verification
16T Tutorial 16 - Using Mutation Coverage for Advanced Bug Hunting and Verification Signoff
20 Using Next Generation Methods of Systems MODELLING and VIRTUAL PROTOTYPING to Revolutionise the Design, Verification and Manufacture of High Value, Complex Electromechanical Products across the Automotive Supply Chain
21 Panel: Accellera Town Hall Meeting and Q&A