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WEDNESDAY March 02, 2016, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

SystemVerilog and Other Languages

13.1UVM and SystemC Transactions - An Update
 Speaker: David I. Long - Doulos
 Authors: David I. Long - Doulos
John Aynsley - Doulos
13.2Challenges in UVM+Python Random Verification Environment for Digital Signal Processing Datapath Design
 Speaker: Ashok Chandran - Analog Devices, Inc.
 Authors: Shabbar A. Vejlani - Analog Devices, Inc.
Ashok Chandran - Analog Devices, Inc.
13.3Analysis of TLM-2.0 and it's Applicability to Non Memory Mapped Interfaces
 Speaker: Guillaume Delbergue - GreenSocs SAS
 Authors: Guillaume Delbergue - GreenSocs SAS
Mark Burton - GreenSocs SAS
Bertrand Le Gal - Univ. of Bordeaux
Christophe Jego - Univ. of Bordeaux

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