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TUESDAY October 17, 2017, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

AMS Verification, Power Verification, Debugging

3.1UPF: How to Avoid Traps in a Hierarchical Implementation Low Power Flow?
 Speaker: Frederic Saint-Preux - STMicroelectronics
 Author: Frederic Saint-Preux - STMicroelectronics
3.2Between the Dialog and the Algorithm or Innovative Technological Narratives Leveraging the Idea of Authenticity in a Human Being
 Speaker: Hagai Arbel - VTool Ltd.
 Authors: Anna M. Ravitzki - VTool Ltd.
Uri Feigin - VTool Ltd.
3.3Verification IP for Complex Analog and Mixed-Signal Behavior
 Speaker: Thilo Vörtler - COSEDA Technologies
 Authors: Thilo Vörtler - COSEDA Technologies
Karsten Einwich - COSEDA Technologies

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